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Elevate your B2B service business by joining the pinnacle of networking excellence — Crème de la Crème® where qualified professionals come together to give & receive business referrals seamlessly, form strategic partnerships for collaborations, and amplify your network through purposeful networking with other top-tier professionals. Powered by Coaches & Company®

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Every member of our network has been vetted by our team using our 22-point Verification Process.

We get it — in the vast expanse of the business & online services world, trust is a valuable currency, and you want to connect with professionals who not only talk the talk but have a track record of walking the walk.

At Crème de la Crème, our focus is on curating a vetted community where the best of the best can come together to join forces for the greater good.

Our Verification Process

We verify every applicant’s ID & that they are who they say they are 🪪


We scope out their digital footprint for any funny business 🕵️‍♀️


We collect, review, & verify past client testimonials to confirm that the applicant has a history of producing positive, favorable results 🏆

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Why Crème de la Crème?

In the ever-growing digital business world, building your network & identifying other skilled professionals can be tricky. It’s not only hard for you to discover service providers but also for them to be found. The industry lacks regulations, allowing anyone to offer services without proper credentials.

That’s why Crème de la Crème exists – a place for genuinely professional individuals to connect and uphold high standards of excellence and integrity. We aim to make it easy for you to discover and connect with other reliable service providers. Join us in a community where professionalism is a priority, making it simpler for you to find the support your business needs.

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