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Abbe Feder helps women and couples struggling with infertility manage the stress and burden of treatment by gaining control over the process. "InCircle Fertility is here to ease the stress and burden of infertility. We‘ve got your back, every step of the way. We know first-hand how overwhelming, confusing and painful the process can be and our sole mission is to help you through all of it. InCircle Fertility combines a decade immersed in the fertility industry, experienced coaching practices and the empathy and compassion that can only come from those who truly get it. Take a minute to exhale. You’ve come to the right place." - Abbe Feder

My dream client is managing her life while handling constant grief about the dream she had of what her family would look like, and the reality of what it looks like. She is scared she will never have the family she wants.

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Fertility Coaching

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Signature 6 Month Coaching Package

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InCircle Fertility
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Top 3 Values
Integrity, Respect, Fun
Get to know me
My Style
Feminine with slight edge (I am a New Yorker originally!)

Favorite Beverage
Unsweetened iced tea or diet Dr Pepper (really its DDP but not as good for me - WAH)

3 Things I Love
I love board games, my BFF Deanna who can make me laugh anywhere, obviously my hubs and kids, karaoke is my friend.

Random Fact About Me
I live for escape rooms.
Additional Information
Professional Background

2020 – Present | Founder & CEO!!!! InCircle
2019 – 2020 | Marketing Exec at AWE, Los Angeles
2018 – 2019 | Podcast Producer at Starburns Audio/Audible
2016 – 2018 | Theater Producer at The Braid, Los Angeles
2011 – 2016 | Director of Operations at IKAR, Los Angeles

Educational Background
Bachelor's in Behavioral Science, U Wisconsin; Certificate of Drama, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC

Professional Certifications
Certified Life Coach

Client Testimonials
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Sarah Goldfinger

Having Abbe at your side throughout the IVF process is like having a mom without the drama, a sister without the competition, a rabbi without the religion, a cheerleader without the pom-poms, a best friend who lets you be very one-sided, a therapist who speciality happens to 100% directly overlap with what you are going through.

The entire fertility journey is so fraught and the clinics can have such hustle-bustle that leave you feeling rushed out the door with so many unanswered questions. I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all without Abbe. She holds your hand every step of the way. She helped me find providers of various modalities. She helped me advocate for myself. She is so knowledgeable about clinics, doctors, procedures, medications, and All.The.Feelings. I felt like, no matter what anxiety I threw at her, she knew where I was coming from. No concern felt too small or too silly and nothing went unanswered, even if the only answer was: I know this sucks. I’m sorry.

She wakes up early and returns texts and emails promptly. It was such a gift to have someone who’s truly been through it and can meet you where you’re at. She is truly an expert in her field with a PhD in empathy and a big giant heart. She doesn’t take the struggle away, no one can, but she helps you frame it, helps you find the best road for success, and offers unending guidance and support. In an area that can be so private, she offers a lifeline to open up and be real. Her services are a gift and a godsend.

Danielle Aufiero

Fertility is one of the tougher subjects to discuss, even with loved ones. After listening to Abbe’s podcast, Maculate Conception, I was so impressed by her drive, fortitude and knowledge that I reached out to coach with her. She immediately made me feel understood and supported. She has a level head and comprehends the process from the inside out, and the best part – she truly cares about your outcome.

April Ingle

Working with InCircle Fertility was the best investment I’ve made throughout my three year infertility journey. Abbe was so kind, compassionate, and funny! She listened to my concerns, celebrated my wins, and walked alongside me throughout such a complicated and challenging process. It takes a village and I felt like Abbe was as essential as a doctor, nutritionist, acupuncturist, therapist, etc. They helped me advocate for myself, get answers that I was seeking, and better understand my protocols. They were always there to answer questions or commiserate in ways that my friends and family who have never gone through this will never understand. I will be forever grateful to have found InCircle Fertility.

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