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Breanna Rabb
About Me
Breanna Rabb helps passionate women leave a legacy of restoration in their communities through creating impactful nonprofits. "I birthed my nonprofit out of grief and rage — not from a 'saintly' heartspace. With my 8 years of nonprofit founder experience, my education in entrepreneurship, and my coaching license, I’m ready to guide you to leaving a legacy of real restoration in a nonprofit. Here's one thing you know for sure: You aren't leaving this world the same as you found it. You're a champion of restoration, healing, and redemption. Make it a legacy with a nonprofit." - Breanna Rabb

My dream client is passionate community driven women wanting to not just fix broken things in their communities but restore them.

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Business Information
Breanna LaShell Nonprofit Coaching
Rio Rancho, NM
Service I’m Most Known For
Coaching Services- Needle Mover (90 minute coaching session)

Other Services Provided

Course (coming this summer) Legacy Launcher: The Nonprofit Kickstart Course
Day Legacy Builder (4 hour VIP session)
Weekend Legacy Builder (48-hour weekend retreat)
Restoration Architect (3 to 12-month coaching package)
Workshops – Rotating List

Softwares and Programs

Proficient in Word, Slack, HoneyBook, Teachable, ClickUp

Free Resource

Work with Me!

Top 3 Values
Sorry I can’t pick just 3 here are the five I live and run my business by! : Restoration, Legacy, Sacrificial Love, Integrity, Belief
Get to know me
My Style
Bold, Nurturing, Passionate

Favorite Beverage
A fountain Coca Cola, Vanilla milkshake with all the whip cream, or a vanilla sweet cream cold brew!

3 Things I Love
My amazing husband, My friends/family, Reading a great book.

Random Fact About Me
I am a Harry Potter fanatic, it is to this day my favorite story/world and I am a proud Ravenclaw.
Additional Information
Professional Background

2020 – Present | Owner of Breanna LaShell LLC providing coaching services to Non-Profit Founders
2020 – Present | Certified Go& Tell Gals Coach
2018 – Present | Insides Sales Rep at HP Inc.
2014 – Present | Co-founder and President of a Bullying Prevention Non-Profit

Educational Background
2018 | Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, University of New Mexico

Professional Certifications
Go and Tell Gals Licensed Coach
Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Megan Jones

The experience that you provide is unlike others. You are real and raw with your clients, which makes you so much more relatable and trustworthy. You are passionate and show passion in our ideas. You create a safe space that feels judgement free. You have excellent tools and advice, most of which is backed up with personal experience

Adrianne Amundson

It is clear this is a gift for Breanna. Her ability to step into the ideas of my project, share her thoughts, and ask leading/guiding questions was so helpful and encouraging.

Zaharia Villafane

Working with Breanna has truly been life changing. From our free heart check to our last session she was nothing but kind, knowledgeable, and patient. She gave me the tools I needed to get myself where I wanted to be in my season of life. She also gave me some tough love but still so caring and gentle at the same time. When we first started I was at a real low and felt very lost and discouraged. Since our last session it’s almost as if my life made a 180. All aspects of my life are on the up and I have a clear path to get where I want to be. The work is never done, however some inner obstacles and self changes would never have been taken care of if it weren’t for Breanna and all her help and insights. I still have and use my notes, exercises, and tidbits of advice in my life.

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