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About Me
Jennifer Lynn Alumbaugh, MS (she/they) is a retired licensed complex trauma therapist of 15 years who now provides premium, Neuroinclusive Executive coaching and consulting through her business, Expansive Expressions. They are a late-identified Autistic ADHDer who specializes in supporting other late-identified neurodivergent, multi-passionate, and HSP founders, leaders, executives, and professionals. "In working with individual and corporate clients, Expansive Expressions delivers skilled assessments of systems and organizational design; high caliber, trauma informed 1:1 executive coaching; equips neurodivergent, multi-passionate, and HSP founders in building sustainable, accessible, and profitable businesses; brings neuroinclusion to corporate DEIB work through consultation services; and is developing a mobile app directory that will serve neurodivergent businesses, individuals, families, and professionals. Expansive Expressions is rooted in anti-racism and liberation for all." - Jennifer Lynn Alumbaugh

My dream clients are neurodivergent, highly sensitive, and multi-passionate founders, leaders, executives, and professionals.

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Service I’m Most Known For
Executive Coach & Consultant for HSP & Neurodivergent Women & Gender Expansive Leaders, Executives & Professionals | Bringing Intersectional NeuroInclusion to DEIB Practices

Other Services Provided

Executive Coaching
Neuroinclusive Corporate Consulting
Group Business Coaching

Softwares and Programs

Mighty Networks, Paperbell, ConvertKit, Loom, Vimeo, Zoom, Google Workplace

Business Information
Expansive Expressions | An inclusive, accessible, anti-oppression, neurodivergent-affirming virtual Coaching, Consulting, and Creative business.
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Top 3 Values
Neuroinclusion, Equity, Liberation
Get to know me
My Style
For personal style I'm generally queer femme. For coaching style I am collaborative, strengths-based, client centered, intersectional, and inclusive. I guide my clients on a proven path to build and scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

Favorite Beverage
Espresso milk shakes all day long 😍 and water, all the water.

3 Things I Love
I love authentic people who embody continual growth, self love, and are change-makers. I love the ocean and the mountains, especially if there are both in the same place! I love making art, especially relief print-making and mono-printing.

Random Fact About Me
I used to be a spoken-word artist throughout Los Angeles and I published a number of single poems as well as a poetry collection in 2016 called "BloodStories: A Cycle of 28 Poems".
Additional Information
Professional Background

Present | Training with Rachel Rodgers to be a Certified Hello Seven Coach (Fall 2023)
Retired licensed complex trauma therapist of 15 years

Educational Background
Master of Science - Marriage and Family Therapy

Client Testimonials
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Michael James La Marck

I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop on boundaries! You did great and started a lot of thinking for me! Thank you so much! No lie, I always wanted you to be my therapist so like being able to sit through a boundaries coaching session like that was a dream!

Hayley Russell

I recently celebrated getting myself a 5-figure raise that was twice what I had asked for. When I began working with Jennifer, I was making less than $15/hour and not really believing in myself or what was possible for me. Since then, with Jennifer’s help, I’ve gotten several promotions, am part way through my MBA, and have a whole new–more positive–view of myself. Jennifer has helped me identify strengths I didn’t know were strengths and leverage those in the work place.

Dr. Julie Landry

Jennifer is great! She’s friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her to any ADHD or Autistic entrepreneurs or anyone looking for lived-experience peer support.

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