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Jessi Cabanin
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Jessi Cabanin helps women bring their brand visions to life with kick-ass branding/web design, lifestyle photos and marketing strategy. "I've spent more than 10 years building numerous creative brands from the ground up, and I'm incredibly passionate about using my own experiences of wins and losses to pay it forward to women growing their dreams today. You have a vision. A passion for helping others. But you also feel stuck in how to bring that dream to life. Are you ready to ditch fear and start makin' moves? They say it takes a village, and boy does it. Business is no different. Building a dream team takes time, patience and trusted people in your corner. Together, we can be the dream team you always wished for." - Jessi Cabanin

My dream client is a woman entrepreneur ready to take her ideas to the next level. She’s ready to ditch the excuses and bring her vision to life. She cares deeply about client experience and appreciates bold visual aesthetic. She’s funny and sarcastic and is ready to share her true self with the world.

Jessica Cabanin+Branding/Web Design+CREME DE LA CREME+Verified Business Directory+Branding Photographer
Business Information
This Way to Fabulous
Roselle, IL, USA
Service I’m Most Known For
Branding Photography

Other Services Provided

Branding and Web Design + Development
SEO Strategy + Implementation
Brand Photography + Videography
Content Marketing Strategy
Business Coaching + Mentorship

Softwares and Programs

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Dubsado, Asana, Garage Band, Canva, Showit, Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify, Jotform, Flodesk

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Top 3 Values
Innovation, Dependability, Empowering
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My Style
Bright, Vibrant, Energetic, Empowering

Favorite Beverage
Nitro Vanilla Cold Brew

Random Fact About Me
Other than my design degree, I have self taught myself everything else I do (photography, videography, web design, podcasting, etc)
Additional Information
Professional Background

2021 – Present | I decided I would finally pursue bringing my entrepreneurial soul back to life. I had the realization that I had all the skills I needed, I just needed a plan. I then completely relaunched the This Way to Fabulous brand with a new mission: to offer one place for women to receive a wide range of support for branding and visual marketing. A place where they can take their dreams, and get full support to unapologetically bring that dream to life.
2020 | I got divorced on Zoom (thanks Pandemic) and with that closure, began to really turn things around. I spent lots of time diving into personal development and soon realized my main mantra, still today. “NO ONE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU.”
2018 | In a nutshell, was the worst year of my life. I was suffering post-partum depression, my son got attacked by our dog the day before his first birthday, and my then husband decided to walk away from our marriage. I spent the next two years struggling to get by. Physically, emotionally, financially. I took on any project I could just to make a little money. I had no idea what to do with my life. As I started taking on a few Brand Photography projects, I slowly felt myself come back to life.
2016 | After almost 10 years in the wedding industry, I learned I was pregnant with my son. I decided I would retire from Wedding Photography to focus on family and the Stationery Empire. Shortly after, digital media and social platforms boomed, and I quickly watched the printing industry take a huge (and I mean HUGE) fall. After a year of trying to save it, my business partner and I, now in more debt than before, made the difficult decision to officially close our company.
2009 | I decided to continue my climb in the Wedding Industry and quickly became a sought after Wedding Photographer with a unique eye for emotion and creativity.
2007 | I graduated from college with a gut feeling I would never work for a firm. Within a year of graduation I had already begun my first company, which I never dreamed would become a million dollar stationery empire.

Educational Background
2007 | Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Bridgeport

Professional Certifications
Certified Showit Designer (Web Design), Accredited Agency 2022 -

Client Testimonials
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Veronica Marchetti

Going on year three of owning my business I knew I wanted to level up with my marketing. I found the perfect location in downtown Chicago months in advance and built our vision around this beautiful space. From Pinterest boards, to vision meetings with my team, to narrowing down the exact shots and timeline for that day, Jessi was hands on and helped us execute the perfect shoot.

Jessi and I have worked together for years. She helps me prep and brainstorm in advance so when we walk into our shoots we can get to work and get it done. This space was gorgeous, my team was prepared and Jessi took our ideas and turned them into reality. My marketing shoots with Jessi get better and better each time and as a small business owner I couldn’t be more thankful to have someone on my team who puts so much energy and love into each project. Can’t wait to see what we accomplish next!

Breanna Bortner

I am BEYOND happy that I came across Jessi & This Way to Fabulous when I did.

Jessi is so much more than a brand photographer. She is an amazing business partner, cheerleader, and resource for all things brand-related.

Events such as taking brand photos can be stressful, but Jessi made me feel right at home and made it FUN (like it should be!)
We incorporated fun props, did a variety of poses, and the result is a beautiful gallery of photos that are authentic to both me and my brand.

My friend was recently looking through my new photo gallery and she told me “you look like you’re smiling in the photo, not for the photo.” And that is a testament to how amazing my experience was with Jessi! I was truly happy, comfortable, and relaxed.

I can’t wait to use my new photos on my website, socials, and other brand materials!

Stefanie O'Donnell

Jessi is honestly the best decision I made for my business this year. What started as a meeting to get to know her and see if we were a good fit ended three hours later after great conversation and feeling so inspired. We completely hit it off and it felt like she just got me and understood what I needed in my business. I hired her that day and haven’t looked back. She is an incredible entrepreneur with so much business knowledge that she has added so much value to my business.

She completely rebranded my business and designed my website for me. When I received my final branding I literally cried because it captures me and my business so perfectly. I told her personal touches that meant a lot to me and she worked them into my design so now every time I sign onto my business I am so inspired and excited! Not only has she designed my site but she has literally held my hand while teaching me to learn the full backend of how to do everything myself.

She knows that she could keep the information to herself so that I would have to hire her to continue doing stuff for me but that’s the thing about Jessi, she really wants you to succeed and wants you to know how to do allllll of the things in your business. That being said, even though I now know how to do everything myself, I have still decided to continue working with her to utilize her expertise for my Q1 marketing. The marketing materials that she can get done in very little time would take me a full day to create and honestly my time is worth so much more to me. I can’t begin to thank her for giving me some time back with my family! I will continue to work with her in 2022 and can’t wait to see what magic we can create together!

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