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Lauren Klafke
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Lauren Klafke helps women build the business of their dreams by providing them with accurate reports, accountability, and financial strategies.   "Your accountants and your cheerleaders all in one! Our team doesn’t just consist of accountants, but cheerleaders and accountability partners as well. Business owners sometimes need more than the numbers; they need someone in their corner rooting for them! Do you experience stress and anxiety when thinking about the state of your business finances? Getting clear around your finances and having a solid action plan in place to crush your goals is key to ridding yourself of the stress around the unknown. Work with our team to take control over your finances, and you're sure to level up in your business." - Lauren Klafke

My dream client is an online service provider who knows she wants more freedom (time, money, travel), but isn’t sure what needs to happen to get it. She understands that success (whatever that looks like for her) comes from financial preparedness, and is looking for me to help her achieve that.

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My CFO package includes monthly bookkeeping, financial reporting, monthly video calls and Voxer access, budgeting + financial strategy, and growth + profitability consulting.

Softwares and Programs

Quickbooks Online

Top 3 Values
Accountability, Respect, Tenacity
Get to know me
My Style
The comfort of mid-century modern mixed with the color and textures of boho. Like a hippie grandma.

Favorite Beverage
Mixed berry kefir smoothie

3 Things I Love
Homemade sourdough pizza, my animals (2 goats, 10 chickens), my family

Random Fact About Me
I like to sew.
Additional Information
Professional Background

2019 – Present | I left corporate, finished school, and started my business
2015 | I came home from a church mission; I started working in corporate and going to school for accounting at Ensign College; I got my associates in accounting and transferred to University of Utah

Educational Background
Associates in accounting, Bachelors in accounting

Business Information
Willow Creek Financial Services
Layton, UT, USA
Client Testimonials
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Myntillae Nash

I remember when I first started working with Willow Creek I was hesitant that I could afford their services since I was trying to recover from financial struggles, but I was proven wrong. They have helped me get things back on track, even when I thought I couldn’t afford it. I now have more savings in my bank account than I have ever had before in the entire lifetime of my business. I also really love that Lauren and her team are focused on the actual needs and problems with my business, so it’s not like they just do the same exact thing for every customer.

They really look at what the business is struggling with and help them with those issues before focusing on other things. They’re diligent in helping me meet my goals, while being a great cheerleader! And they’ve been great working with my personal requests for my business and staying on top of them. They’ve really taken off a lot of the burden of finances in my business, leaving me more stress free in that arena.

Kristen James

I’ve had an amazing experience working with Lauren and her team. She’s always helping me to set financial goals and keeps me on my toes when it comes to crushing those goals. She gives me great promotional ideas to help expand my business and that’s not even in her job description. I love speaking with her monthly to see what I’ve accomplished for the month.

I just started my business in December of last year. So it’s been about a year that I’ve been working with Lauren and I plan to keep her forever! She’s a life saver. I hope my input was helpful and you take that next step to allow Lauren and her team to help you along your financial journey. You won’t regret the decision.

Mary Reynolds

I used Lauren’s CFO services this past month, and she helped me smash some short term and long term goals, as well as set some new goals. She helped with my annual budget, and she gave me an overview of my 2022 financials along with a forecast. She gave me the information I need to be a better business owner.

I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to know, and I was happy being unaware, but helped me understand that this information was vital to understand if I want to stay in business. If you need a CFO, go to Lauren, and tell her Mary sent you. You won’t regret it.

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