Mariana Peña
About Me
I'm your brain's best friend. As a learning designer I transform what you know into a learning product for your clients. I support my clients in 3 ways: Curriculums for online courses, masterminds, group programs, masterclasses, trainings, etc. High-converting client results roadmaps to organically scale your offers (1:1 and group programs). Optimizing your educational ecosystem for your digital academy.

My dream clients are revolutionary experts, consultants and coaches who want to change their industry -and the world at large- one online program at at time.

Service I’m Most Known For
Course Development

Other Services Provided

Intellectual Property Consulting and Development

Top 3 Values
Get to know me
My Style
Direct and understanding

Favorite Beverage
Cold hibiscus tea

3 Things I Love
Cooking for my family. Dancing in the living room with my 2 kids. Watching crappy tv with my husband.

Random Fact About Me
I learned how to ride a bike at 32 years old
Additional Information
Professional Background

2020-Present | Owner of My Premium Course – IP & Learning design services for knowledge-based online businesses
2015-2020 | Owner of My Casa Spaans – A Spanish online language school
2011-2015 | International Baccalaureate Educator, Examiner & Workshop Leader
2009-2015 | Full time professor at Universidad de Monterrey, México

Business Information
My Premium Course
Maarn, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Client Testimonials
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Kierra Lee Conover

I had no idea I had intellectual property. I’ve always had really great ideas but it was hard for me to put it in a format that other people could follow. It also felt very overwhelming. I’ve been delaying this process because the idea of creating curriculum was super daunting. In an hour Mariana took everything I had been avoiding for years and put it on paper. Literally the curriculum whisperer!

Cassandra Le

Before working with Mariana I knew I wanted to change my business model and create something that was a standalone, signature course that also changed the industry. I really didn’t know where to start, what that could look like, and how to make sure any participants, who enrolled, would complete the course and feel supported. While working with Mariana, she made the process so easy and NOT painful! She answered all my questions, shared resources to protect my IP, and structured the course in a way that isn’t overwhelming to me or to any participants.

Suzi Gray

Before working with Mariana, creating my course felt… UGH, so overwhelming it made my head hurt. I spent a lot of time thinking and not much time doing. Even though I knew it would be quite a short course, that somehow made it feel even more overwhelming. When it came to choosing who I wanted to work with developing this course there was only one option in my mind. Mariana is the best at what she does. She’s wicked smart. She sees gaps and opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Her personality and values are fierce. And she brings a diversity and inclusivity approach to her work.

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