Meagan Williamson
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I provide strategic Pinterest marketing support to established brands and business owners.

My dream clients are small business owners, brands and creators.

Service I’m Most Known For
Pinterest Marketing

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Virtual Workshops

Top 3 Values
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My Style
Minimalist boho

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Gardening, Dogs, Spending time close to water

Random Fact About Me
I was homeschooled until I was 13
Additional Information
Professional Background

2017-Present day | Pinterest marketing support and strategy
2018 | Owner of Pin Potential Inc
2017-2020 | Pinterest agency
2014-2016 | Side hustle offering bespoke Pinterest marketing consultation to brands and bloggers

Business Information
Pin Potential Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Client Testimonials
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Adriana Compagnoni

I am Adriana, a beekeeper and product-based business owner.

Meagan is the real deal. Her workshops are so full of actionable content that you can’t listen to them at 2x speed.

She also doesn’t pretend to know it all and brings experts on SEO, story telling, YouTube, video and photography, blogging, Google Analytics, AI and more.

She’s always ahead of the curve.

The experts she brings are delivering substantial material instead of poaching to sell a course to a captive audience. And she shows.up.every.time!

This is not one of those pre-canned courses to study on your own that have been recorded years ago and are no longer relevant.

She’s there to answer questions, read our copy, propose improvements, and share her secret sauce.

I’ve been in Pin Potential for a couple of years, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Last but not least, Meagan is a wonderful human being, a mom, and an honest mentor who wants you to succeed.

What are you waiting for? Join!

Julie Taylor

Pin Potential has been a real game-changer for me. I was an early adopter of Pinterest, but last year I found myself stuck in a rut, with my metrics falling rapidly.

Meagan’s clear, concise and positive teachings meant I saw results almost from day 1 and continued growth since.

She continues to inspire me, keep me accountable and teach me about so much more than just Pinterest – so much so that I regretted only purchasing the minimal subscription and upgraded to the annual one.

And I will be back for more next year!

Jenny Lang

I’m Jenny, a Pinterest Manager and Strategist. I’ve been in Meagan’s program for two years now and have grown so much in my journey in entrepreneurship. Meagan is a wonderful person and coach who truly has so much knowledge with Pinterest but also running a business, and how to deal with clients. I still come to her for advice and perspective. She has given me the encouragement to ask for rate increases and go after clients I did not have the confidence to pitch to. She’s been instrumental in my career shift and I love having her as a friend and colleague.

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