Nadine Hanafi
About Me
Digital Brand Kit is the world's first full-stack digital branding system made specifically for coaches, consultants, and speakers. We use Identity-Based Branding to turn your vision into a visual identity that is engineered to attract your dream clients and reflect your uniqueness. In just a matter of hours, we’ll take you from "zero idea of what my brand should look like" to "launching a brand I’m proud of.”

My dream clients are early to mid-stage entrepreneurs who depend on their personal brands to grow their businesses. (E.g. Coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, content creators.) We help our clients grow into 7, 8, and 9-figure personal brands.

Service I’m Most Known For
Brand Design

Other Services Provided

Brand Strategy
General Marketing

Top 3 Values
Integrity, Excellence, Courage
Get to know me
My Style
Casual Chic

Favorite Beverage
Moroccan tea (Mint tea!)

3 Things I Love
Quantum physics, Moroccan food, My happy place is a sun-drenched terrace surrounded by lemon trees and olive trees overlooking the sea surrounded by family and laughter.

Random Fact About Me
I speak 5 languages 🙂
Additional Information
Professional Background

I spent the last 10 years providing creative direction to some of the world’s biggest brands. In 2013, I founded We Are Visual, an award-winning creative studio, after recognizing the power of beautiful design to transform underrated experts into sought-after thought leaders. Most recently, I’ve branded hundreds of coaches, consultants, and speakers through my second company, Digital Brand Kit.

Throughout my career I’ve consulted for Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Verizon, and Hilton. My work has been featured in Fast Company, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, TIME, Inc, TED, and Harvard Business Review. Two of the highest honors in my career were being named a Top 100 U.S. Entrepreneurs under 35 by the United Nations and being nominated among the 100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40 by Arabian Business Magazine.

Professional Certifications
Certified in Behavioral Design and Digital Psychology

Available as podcast guest
Available for speaking engagements
Open to collaborations

Business Information
Digital Brand Kit
Dallas, TX, USA

Work with Me!

Client Testimonials
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Monica Leed

Before Digital Brand Kit, we were either starting from scratch (which took forever) or piecing together a bunch of different Canva and Photoshop templates that look nothing alike and trying to make them look cohesive (which also took forever). So for me, knowing that I have all the assets I need for a launch, all in one cohesive design style and I can edit them quickly is absolutely a game changer. When I heard about Digital Brand Kit, I immediately knew this was for me. Nine times out of 10 when I was shopping for templates for my business, they either didn’t serve all the needs that I had or they were designed poorly. That’s why Digital Brand Kit was such a no-brainer for me.

Helen Ngo

With my new [Digital Brand Kit] branding, I look expensive. I look like I know what I’m doing. Before Digital Brand Kit, my branding looked very hodge-podge, amateur. And as someone who’s in the business of money and works with high-income earners, I couldn’t afford to look cheap. Now not only does my branding look clean, sharp, and professional, but it actually reflects my pricing and makes me feel proud of everything I’m putting out into the world.

Esma Kirim

Digital Brand Kit gave me two gifts: the gift of consistency and the gift of freedom. Consistency because I can now show up with the same professional look and level of quality at every touchpoint with my clients and that was something I struggled with before. And freedom because I can now take on ANY project I want to, whether it’s a webinar or an Instagram live or a keynote presentation, because I know I have a template that I can work off of. Digital Brand Kit has also made outsourcing my design needs so much easier. I literally just hand my templates over to my team and they’re able to easily create on-brand graphics for me every time with minor edits. This has literally saved me weeks of phone calls and back-and-forth emails that I used to have to go through when outsourcing my design needs.

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