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Serena Shoup
About Me
Serena Shoup helps course creators and online business experts manage their profit and loss reports, statements of cash flow, and balance sheets, in preparation for tax season. Serena started the company as a solo-preneur helping small businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting in 2017, after leaving her corporate controller position to stay home with her kids. She quickly discovered how much she enjoyed empowering business owners to understand their numbers and make better decisions with the information and systems she helped them set up. "At my firm, Of Course Bookkeeping, my team and I help course creators understand their numbers so they can grow their numbers and have massive impact, through our bookkeeping and CFO services." - Serena Shoup

My dream client is an online course creator who wants to help a lot of people but also make a lot of money, and knows she needs help to get there.

Service I’m Most Known For

Other Services Provided

CFO Services
Sales Tax

Softwares and Programs

Asana, Xero, Quickbooks, Dubsado, Kajabi, Squarespace, Shopify, TaxJar, Notion

Top 3 Values
Integrity, Growth, Communication
Get to know me
My Style

Favorite Beverage
Coffee - Vanilla Latte

3 Things I Love
Stand up Paddle Boarding, Snowboarding, Playing Ukulele

Random Fact About Me
I can touch my nose with my tongue!
Additional Information
Professional Background

2017 – Present | Founded Of Course Bookkeeping (formerly known as ShoupCPA)
2012 – 2016 | Corporate Accountant, Accounting Manager, and Controller in Manufacturing & Biotech

Educational Background
2010 | Bachelor's in Business Administration, Concentration in Accounting
Professional Certifications
Licensed CPA in CA & AZ

Available as podcast guest
Available for speaking engagements
Open to collaborations

Business Information
Of Course Bookkeeping
Prescott, AZ, USA
Serena Shoup+Of Course Bookkeeping+CREME DE LA CREME+Verified Business Directory+Bookkeeper

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Client Testimonials
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Roxanne Oates

I’m very happy to have Serena and her team in my corner. They help me to manage my finances and keep my business healthy. I love the advice and the tools that she brings. Highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their business’s financial health.

Marisa Shadrick

Seeing my financial information in this way [the monthly loom video] is so helpful!

Destini Burns

Serena has been, without exaggeration, our professional savior. Over the past year, she’s helped us with accounting, filing, amendments, strategy, and… at times… emotional support. Her customer service, emotional intelligence, and business expertise is unmatched. Ultimately, the most important characteristic to consider when working with a consultant is trust. As consultants ourselves, we pride ourselves on creating trusting relationships with our own clients. However, after working with Serena, I dare say that we have a thing or two left to learn. We look forward to continuing to grow our business and are excited for Serena to be a part of that journey!

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