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Tara Counterman helps CEOs leverage their podcast and YouTube content so they can build deep human connection, deliver a powerful impact, and make more money doing what they love. "Innovation is the name of the game at The Podfunnel™ Company. We’re dedicated to changing the podcasting industry and putting more emphasis on what podcasts can do as a core business asset – and *not* just who you could become with a top ranked show. How do we do it? With a Podfunnel™ – our Founder’s very own invention. A Podfunnel™ is a 10-episode podcast that’s been intentionally created to prime, nurture, and inform your prospects, so you can convert inquiries into hell yes clients even before you get them on a call." - Tara Counterman

My dream client is a coach, course creator, or service provider who has a larger-than-life mission. They want to inspire, impact, and are true innovators.

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Service I’m Most Known For
Podcast or YouTube Launch

Other Services Provided

Done-For-You Podcast or YouTube Launch
Done-For-You Podcast/YouTube Management
Done-For-You Podfunnel™
Podcast VIP Days

Softwares and Programs

Proficient in Adobe Suite, Asana, Trello, Clickup, Airtable, Honeybook, Kajabi, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Mailer Lite, Google Programs

Business Information
Clay City, IN
Top 3 Values
Innovation, Connection, Impact
Get to know me
My Style
Empowering, innovative, relatable, CEO but in a fun not corporate way, feminine

Favorite Beverage
Sparkling Ice & Caffeine

3 Things I Love
Ranger Riding, Traveling, Hiking/Outdoors time

Random Fact About Me
I spent most of my Jr/Sr year of high school in our school news room! I was a total broadcasting nerd!
Additional Information
Professional Background

2021 – Present | Began development of Podcast Management Software
2019 – Present | Launched Podcast Business for Profitable Podcasting for coaches & course creators helping them to holistically integrate the platform to their business
2018 | Started my own podcast; Experienced a flood of help & management requests

Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Taylor Slango

When I first launched my podcast I was so excited! I knew I needed to show up in a big way for my audience & that podcasting was the answer. But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to show up consistently. I was releasing episodes here and there when I could, but my downloads were starting to drop. I didn’t have the energy to deal with the back end anymore.

That is when Tara & her incredible team at Profitable Podcast Productions stepped in and really helped elevate the entire show. We relaunched, improved quality, and implemented a real sales priming strategy. I was blown away by the results & I quickly reached my 10,000k download goal.

Ariel Schiffer

When I came to Tara, I really wanted to set up my podcast in a really strategic way. Podcasting is always something I wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing it the right way and having the best approach for me. It was a no-brainer to get her brain on my ideas.

The entire experience was flawless and we got so much done. I can’t say enough good stuff about Tara. She knows her stuff and she’s the absolute go-to when it comes to podcast production, strategy, and everything behind it. It’s so evident that she wants every single person she works with to have an experience catered to them.

Katie Ferro

If you have a message – you need a podcast. I wanted one for so long but the tech was daunting and I’ll be honest – the idea of the monthly cost of hiring it out. Once my offer was nailed down and I had proven it was sellable I knew it was time to scale my efforts. Taras team has been the best hire in my business. They not only upleveled my branding and are almost my only strategic social media presence, but they completely amplify my voice and efforts. I use my podcast like Frank’s red hot… I use that shit for everything. It nurtures and converts my lurking audience, it attracts new people to me, it handles my sales efforts and combats objections. It serves an audience who will never pay me but will be inspired by the stories we tell and that alone is so rewarding. I now have a private podcast feed for my course which helps my clients see better results. My IG following and engagement have gone up. I’ve had my biggest month in sales without launching or taking a single sales call because of how much conversion my podcast full of stories is doing for me. If you have a business and a message and you want to literally speak and have it accessible in the simplest form – you need a podcast. If you want it done well, you need Tara and her team.

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